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About this Deans List App

Sgt. Deans created Deans List, in order to support his fellow military personnel in finding information and resources specific to their needs. Sgt. Deans deployed in 08-09 in Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Deans List compiles the most current and relevant resources for Veterans and their families. Some of these resources include where to find, military discounts, employment opportunities, apps, peer support, legal services, health and wellness, Veteran services, and education and family resources to name a few.

Deans List provides news feeds covering veteran issues such as medical, employment, family issues, breaking news, etc.

Deans List provides video feeds covering various topics such as alternative medicine i.e., meditation, testimonials, military life and comedy.

Deans List provides instant chat with other military personnel in the Deans List community. You can ask questions, make statements, post pictures, engage on current topics, etc.

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Released: Jul 12, 2011
Deans List - May 26, 2012
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