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MLG Official Application

Released: Jan 13, 2011
Q. Why does the wrong picture open when I click it in the app?
A. The photo tab is cached, so images won't show up there until the cached has cleared. To view a photo, click on the comment, then select the photo from inside the comment.

Q. Why doesn't my picture post?
A. If you have poor reception, sometimes your photos won't load properly. Best practice is to post photos while on wifi. It also seems to help if the camera symbol is blue before trying to post your picture.

Q. Is it possible to get notifications when someone responds to one of my posts?
A. Yes, make sure in your phone push notifications that the MLG app is selected to allow push notifications.

Q. I have push notifications for the app activated yet I don not receive notifications to comments?
A. You will only be notified if someone responds directly to your post. You will not be notified of comments to a comment within a post unless the original comment or post was your own.

Q. I received a comment, see a blue 1 etc. next to my comment but cannot open it to read the contents?
A. On iOS, only first and second tier responses are available. On Android, you can view and respond to comments in comments in comments etc.

Q. I tried commenting with a picture, it shows the comment, but it is blank and does not have a picture?
A. It can take a little bit longer for pictures to load as a comment compared to pictures as a new post and may just need a little extra time. iOS can only see comments in comments. Android can post many tiers more.

Q. I am trying to post a link to a video in YouTube. Within YouTube I select "Share Video" and to copy the link but the coppied link, once posted in the MLG app, doesn't take me to the video?
A. Posting links in the app is not supported, so links will not be "clickable". This is being worked on for a future release.

Q. How do I earn badges?
A. If you select the badge section within your profile, it has a description of the achievement requirements under each badge.

Q. I have met the criteria for a badge but still have not received it, what do I do?
A. Sometimes badges are weird. We're working to update them!

Q. If I do not get a badge, does this mean I somehow lose out on a portion or am limited in my app experience?
A. In no way does it prohibit use or enjoyment of the app. Badges are strictly for fun.

Q. How does one earn points on the app?
A. Launch the App - 1pt
Post a comment - 10pt
Post a comment with a photo - 12pt
Subscribe to the mailing list - 10pt
Add an item to 'Favorites' - 2pt
Watch a video - 3pt
Listen to a track - 2pt
Facebook/Twitter sharing - 2pt

Q. Do members with low points have any sort of disadvantage or restrictions compared to members with higher points?
A. No, all users can enjoy and experience the app to its fullest regardless of how many points have been acquired.

Q. I was ranked (??) in the app, got a new phone, and I am now it shows me as a new member even though I linking it with the same social network account?
A. Accounts are device specific.

Q. The app keeps having issues and I am thinking to uninstall the app and reinstall it. If I do this it says all of my information will be lost, is this true?
A. A users rank and achievemnts will not be lost by reinstalling the app on the same device you have been using. Only installing the app on a new device will change a users information.

Q. How do I update my profile pciture on the app?
A. Update the picture on your linked social network page as that is the picture used for your profile. This can take many hours to update in the app.

Q.How often do videos update on the app after a live showing?
A. It depends on the show. Sometimes videos wait a week before going into "VOD" mode (video on demand). Only certain shows have videos in the app. For all the videos, please visit

Q. What are the rules on the app when it comes to posting?
A. 1. No nudity
2. No photos of drugs
3. No Spamming
4. Don't disrespect each other. We all get along and do poke fun at each other, but there is a line. Don't cross it. If someone asks you to stop, stop. Plain and simple

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