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Stay connected with, your online Christian Hip Hop magazine, straight on your iPhone and iPod Touch (if connected to wi-fi or 3G).


- Latest Rapzilla News

- Music player (tons of music, as well as exclusive premieres)

- Videos: watch music videos and interviews.

- Photo Gallery

- Badges: earn badges for your activity

- Wall: post live pictures (ex: Lecrae performing in your city), write thoughts, and discuss.

If you listen to or like Christian Hip Hop / Rap then this app is a must-have for you.

We cover all of the Christian Hip Hop artists including: Lecrae, Cross Movement, Corey Red and Precise, 116 Clique, DJ Essence, DJ D-Lite, Braille, Lightheaded, 2Five, 3D Remedy, 4th Avenue Jones, Adeem, ADF, Ahmad Jones, Ambassador, The Anointed, Antioch Alumni, Applejaxx, Ason, Bang Theory, B Reith, Beatmart, BB Jay, Believer, Big R, Bobby Bishop, Boombox Titans, Cal Logic, Cas Metah, Carriers of the Cross, Cat, Chosen 1, Chizmatonic, Colcutz, Conquest, Cookbook and Uno Mas, Craig Nice, Cross Cypha, CSG'z, Cy, CZ, D-MAUB, Da Minista, Da Truth, Dae-Lee, Deeper Than Most, Deepspace5, Dirt, DJ Form, DJ Aslan, DJ Devildodger, DJ Lace, DJ Maestro 1, DJ Maj, DJ Morphiziz, DJ One3, DJ Rec, DJ Skillspinz, Dokument, Edogg Montana, Elementz, Elias, Elle Roc, Enock, Everyday Process, Excelsius, Fedelity, Fiti Futuristic, Flame, Flavor Alliance, Flynn, Freddie Bruno, Fresh Digress, Frontlynaz, Fros'T, Futureshock, G-Force Alliance, Pigeon John, G-Notes, Gernado, Gibraan, Nureau Ink, T. Bizzy, Gospel Gangstaz, Grits, GreenJade, Heata, Holy South, I-66 Entertainment, Idol King, Ill Harmonics, Illtrip, Infinite, Intellegentz, Izreal, J-Silas, Jackwell, Jamay, James Daniels, Japhia Life, JAZ, Joemcee, John Reuben, Joey The Jerk, Json, Juma, Jurny Big, Just.Live, Justme, k-Drama, K-lee, K2S, Kaboose, King Cyz, King Ray, KJ52, KJ-52, Knine, Knowdaverbs, Kurtis Blow, L.A. Symphony, Lamp Mode, Lecrae, Legacy, Lavoisier, Lesun, Lil' Irocc Williams, Lil' Raskull, Lil Xavier, Lingo, Liquid, Listener, LMNO, Lojique, LPG, Luke Geraty, MOD, Macho, Mad Prophets, Malachi Perez, Man of War, Manafest, Manchild, Mars Ill, Manou, Mark J, Mass Reality, Max One, Mek MC, Matti P, MG! The Visionary, Minister RMB, Missionary Men, MOC, Mr. Del, Much Luvv Fam, Nifty, Nuwine, New Breed, Nova, No Judas, Ohmega Watts, Othello, People's Choice, Pettidee, PF Allstars, Phanatik, Pinnacle Rhythms, Playdough, Prinze Low, The Procussions, Prodigal son, Promise D'Apostle, Propaganda, R-Swift, Raphi, Rawsrvnt, Re:son, Realistikk, Reconcile, Big Rec, Reczilla, RedCloud, Redeemed Thought, Remnant, Resistance, Rez, Rhymes Elect, Richie Righteous, Ricky B, Rob Hodge, RockSoul, Romano, Runaway, Socom, Scribbling Idiots, Salt, Sean Slaughter, Sev Statik, Shabach, Shai Linne, Sharlock Poems, Sharp Skills, Shei Atkins, Shekinah, Shok, Shonlock, TobyMac, Sho Baraka, Shorty Rock, Shundi, Sincere Israel, Sivion, Soldiers on a Mission, Soul P, Soul Plasma, Son of Jesse, Soul Purpose, Souljahz, Street Pastor, Street Sweepers, Strictly Fire, Stu Dent, Sup the Chemist, Surreal, T-Bone, T-Dogg, Tedashii, ThaPsmalmist2, Theory Hazit, Theziz, This'l, Timothy Brindle, Todd Bangz, Tonex, Tony Stone, Tragedy, Tre9, Trey, Triple Threat, Tru Life, Truce, Tunnel Rats, Un1on, Underground Rise, Unity Klan, Upperground, Urban D, Verbs, Verses, Viktory, Vision, Vizunari, Vocab Malone, Voice, Warriors of the Cross, Wordz, Wut Metaphysical, Xross, YSG Timothy, Ziklag Boys, Zion, Holy South, Syntax, Trip Lee, Pettidee, Lil Irocc, Joe Thunder, Mad Prophets, Manafest, Conquest, Dert, DJ Wise, Liquid, LMNO, Wade-O, Lojique, Minister RMB, Motion Plus, The Procussions, RedCloud, Tedashii, Trip Lee, Syntax Records, Reach Records, Gotee records, and many others.

Released: Apr 27, 2009
Established in 2003 by a 15-year-old missionary kid in Belgium, is the leading news and media outlet on the web dedicated to covering rap and hip hop artists promoting Christ. In the last two years Philip Rood and partner Chad Horton have seen a 550% growth in unique visitors, and currently receive over 100,000 unique visitors to the site monthly. The pair have launched the first Christian Hip Hop iPhone & Android applications, a webstore focused on urban street wear, and are releasing their first music compilation album 'King Kulture' January 31st, 2012. To learn more about Rapzilla, visit: All rights reserved © 2011

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