The Detailed Instruction on How to Create a Dating App

Is there anybody waiting for you to make a dating app?

The fame of Tinder doesn’t fade and inspires courageous startups to strive for the same level of success. We have the great context for such an app to be developed today – the society that passionately searches for love. In the modern age, people still have problems with finding people of the same interests, quite apart from feeling love and establishing healthy relationships with them. So, the appearance of dating apps is always expected, needed, and supported by numerous downloads.

But how to create a dating app that will work? Check out this guide to learn the best practices, useful ideas, and working tools if you want to develop something that makes people love more and never give up on building healthy relationships.

Why are dating apps beneficial?

Here is some statistical data to top off the general perception our society searches for love. According to Statista, the number of paying online dating users is steadily growing and it’s expected to reach $1,447,000 (in terms of payments) by 2023. The average user spends around $243 to different dating app development companies in the form of purchases and subscriptions. Finally, the overall number of US people who ever tried online dating is around 50 million! That looks like a great opportunity software developers dream to capture.

Why you should create a dating app if there exists Tinder?

Of course, these numbers and perspectives are promising, but many developers still have doubts about why the world needs another Tinder. And if even needs, what strengths will help to capture the maximum of Tinder success in their attempt to create a dating app.

To answer the first question, think of this: if there is only one place in the world to date, what are the chances for all the people to find their perfect match? The answer is, ‘The same as in the real world.” Of course, there are chances, but you need time, effort, and total dedication to find your person in the crowd. When it comes to Tinder these days, it’s like the main square in the online world. And your task is to search for a lost needle there. Which is possible, but too complicated.

Thus, it’s a high time to pin your location somewhere in this world – right here and right now. Before the faster developers build a dating app platform on your place. Before the town becomes overcrowded and people will start searching for love elsewhere.

The principle of dating app functionality – Tinder experience

On the possible advantages of Tinder, this mobile dating app demonstrated the usability and ability to catch the opportunity nobody noticed. Most users enjoy the amazing UI/UX design of a Tinder app – with all its tender colors, engaging swiping, and outstanding simplicity. People love touching beautiful apps that elegantly solve their problems within understandable functionality – and while creating a dating app, you shouldn’t miss this. Among other great features to take into consideration, try including a video chat option, accurate matchmaking, virtual gifting opportunity, and, of course, a private messaging tool. From the development side, a user panel should include an ability to send real-time notifications, search on Google Maps, chatting software, and report user button. Finally, an admin panel is the place for content moderation, performance tracking, support center, and profile management. You shouldn’t miss these things if you want to create dating app based on Tinder experience.

And of course, the elegant idea to find your life partner through online tools. It really changed the world to the core. But the great news is that the window of this opportunity is still open. The world needs some other people to create a dating app – for the sake of proper competition and differentiating the search.

What are the extra features if you need to build an app structure and design for dating purposes?

The example of Tinder is great. But you’d better use it as a starting point for your own development and creativity. To help you switch off from Tinder, we’ve dedicated the whole section to the things worth considering when you make a dating app of the future.

  • Geolocation

People want to find each other is this huge world. So, the accuracy of your location is a must-have feature when you create a dating app. It will help not only the software differentiate your preferences on the searching stage but also the couple meet each other during the date.

  • Risk Score

When it comes to safety, an ability to calculate a risk score of each profile created is a nice feature you should consider developing. It appears on the merger of AI and ID verification and allows eliminating the severity of cat fishing problem – very common among all the dating apps.

  • Notification Center and Advertisements

Make sure your users are reminded about the fresh updates and in-paid features of your app regularly. The dating app market is a profitable business, don’t miss (but don’t overuse too) this opportunity.

  • Advanced Discovery

A great thing about online dating is its ability to refine your search by characteristics that are not easy to notice when you meet a person in the real world. In this case, not only sex, age and appearance but also education, experience in previous relationships and music taste can be the parameters for the initial search. This makes the overall process of software development more interesting. And the better you worked here, the higher your chances to create a dating mobile app for the future become. 

  • Process Settings

When you build a dating app, you should take into consideration the dynamics of establishing relationships in the real world. And be accurate in transferring this experience in your software. What is important here is to start from the feeling of “scanning” (or “swiping”) environment, seeing a right person in the crowd, setting mutual match with him/her, and starting a random talk before proceeding further. Only then the actual flirting, arranging a meeting, and actual dating can take place. Make sure you didn’t mess this fragile process up in your software!

  • AI-empowered smart photos

The greatest drawback of online dating is the inability to see the real behavior of a person you liked in an app. In other words, a profile picture is the only visual basis of deciding meeting a person. If you want to create dating app of the future, make sure your photography tool has up-to-date features – be that AI adjustments or a smart video option.

And, of course, video chats, AR/VR, and blockchain are the future – both for the dating app and software development industry in general.

How do dating apps make money?

The greatest attraction of working with a mobile app in the dating sector is the promise to generate outstanding income. Here, we’ll explain the opportunities you can use in your software:

  • Subscription option

That’s a classic way of making money. When you create a dating app, choose the basic and advanced features you will offer your clients. Make sure your app is free to download and try. Just make people love the basic functionality and strive to pay for the rest. What Tinder chose for subscribers was unlimited swipes, over one superlike per day, and passport. As you can see, nothing new – but unlimited now.

  • Ads

Another way to earn money from your dating app is to include advertisement campaigns. That’s a great option for the free trial. And, of course, gifts, giveaways, and third-party services are the choices worth considering here.

  • Paid special features

In addition to subscription features, think of designing the new level in unlocking all the possibilities of your dating app. Call them “special features.” In Tinder example, the paid special feature is a boost. The user gains an opportunity to appear in the top of the list – which guarantees the increase in engagement rates and contributes to greater visibility of a profile. In an overcrowded mobile app, users love to buy this feature.

  • Sponsored profiles

A great way to make a dating app and turn it into a profitable business. Means a complete partnership with users based on long-term nicely paid contact.

How to make a dating app – experience from the key competitors of Tinder

Among the main players in the dating market nowadays, you should pay attention to 4 mobile apps:

  • Coffee meets Bagel,
  • Happn,
  • Zoosk,
  • Match.

See what they offer – and what you can learn from them.

  • Coffee meets Bagel

A mobile dating app that is known for the outperforming accuracy of its matches. Offers searching that applies numerous filters. Makes it possible to arrange dates within the LGBT community.

  • Happn

Provides a great opportunity to find a person you occasionally met on the street – but online. All you need is just turning on the location service on your smartphones.

  • Zoosk

A great option for serious relationships with AI-empowered matching tool.

  • Match

As one of the pioneers in the dating app market, Match is a classic dating app model. Just use it – and try to repeat the success!

What’s the real cost to create a dating app?

When it comes to software development, the amount of money depends on the urgency and complexity of an exact project. Also, the geography of your team matters.

If you want to create dating app of the highest simplicity, be ready to pay at least $8000 – that’s the lowest rate (and the lowest quality) available today on market. What people commonly recommend is referring to specialists from Eastern Europe for any software development tasks. The specialists in this location offer the greatest quality/price ratio, starting from $40/hour for excellent work.

How to build a dating app that will win the hearts of users

When it comes to software development, the user’s expectations is what you should meet at any cost. And the task to create a dating mobile app is not an exception.

Generally, your dating app can serve multiple audiences– they can ground on similar musical taste, professional choice, or even be created for pets. The problem is there are so many dating apps already that your option should be really the best of the best. In this section, we cover several key areas where you can win the competitive advantage.

  • Maintain the highest level of safety on the market

Like in any other app, security is the main concern for all the users. Among the possible threats, you should know how to address phishing, fraudulent billing, profile breakages, and GPS targeting. In all these situations, the sensitive data stored in a smartphone is at high risk. Users know of these vulnerabilities in advance and don’t trust mobile apps they don’t know. So, take care of both maintaining the security of your solution and making it trustworthy while it’s ready for download.

Among the concrete measures, consider protecting code with encryption, protecting network connection from the backend side, and constantly testing your code for vulnerabilities.

  • Address the problem of fake accounts

Each person who ever tried dating apps knows how easy it’s to confuse the real person with an owner of a fake account. Because of this, people generally avoid using apps. So, if they found the courage to try your app, address this trust wisely!

In this context, you should distinguish a simple lie about age from a creation of the complete fake account. The task of the developer is to minimize the second problem. And here, your tools are photo and video verification, risk score estimation, and checking multiple social media profiles for truth.

  • Lead your potential customers to your app wisely

User acquisition is a real pain for all the developers of dating apps – the high competition leaves no other option but to struggle for users. To help them find the way to you, refine your niche (whom you want to date on your platform?), find and maintain your core value (why you decided to start this business?), pay attention to the usability of your app (including both UI and UX), and consider bottom navigation. And of course, don’t underestimate the role of marketing – let your blog, existing partnership and various accounts in social media work for you!

  • Protect your trust

The vital element of any brand today is trust. Without it, nobody comes and nothing works well. So, your task is to ensure there are necessary filters, spam indicators, and women-first option to make people believe that’s safe to come and stay at your dating app.

Final word: useful dating app tips, or how to build a dating app until the end

So, you found inspiration, motivation, usefulness, and money. In other words, you’re completely ready to create a dating app of your dreams. But the last fears remain – are there some pitfalls you can learn about and avoid by knowing them?

Here are the main things to take into consideration and remain happy before, during, and after the launch of a dating app:

  • Make sure the basic functionality works well

You’re developing a dating app, so it should work as a dating app. Make sure it has access control, proper matching tool, and messaging toolkit. Clarify for the users on Facebook that if they try to access your app, it won’t steal any sensitive information. Don’t overwhelm yourself with searching for a perfect matching algorithm – it’s not that needed for people to find each other, as experience shows. And, of course, develop your messenger – it should be reliable and work without problems when your audience grows.

  • Follow the algorithm

When it comes to dating app development, sticking to the procedure makes the process smooth and controlled. So, make sure you work with this checklist:

  • Know in details what is a functionality principle of your app,
  • Determine your key benefits,
  • Design in details the structure of your future app,
  • Adopt the appropriate tech stack
  • Create an MVP of your product
  • Choose and stick your monetization plan

Simple following these steps will save your nerves – sure thing!

  • Always keep an eye on the market trends

The world changes fast, and what is relevant today may be outdated tomorrow. Who knows how long will Tinder be a brand name for a dating app? May you be the next king in this industry. Good luck!

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