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Major League Gaming Finds Success in Mobile
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Launched at the start of 2011 in Google’s Android Market and Apple’s App Store, the Major League Gaming (MLG) official app powered by Mobile Roadie has built an impressive community of gamers from all corners of the globe from South Africa to Saudi Arabia. With over 70,000 downloads and counting, the MLG app is the perfect example of how mobile apps can target an existing niche community to promote activity and engagement through a new channel in addition to a popular website.

The MLG official app adds another dimension of engagement by allowing gamers to check competition scoreboards, view the MLG event schedule, read about MLG news, comment in forums and on the fanwall, watch videos, and much more right on their phone. MLG members are embracing the app with approximately 6.5 million page views, over 3.6 million fanwall comments from active users, 138,000 video plays, and 76,000 song plays over time.

In addition to targeting a niche community, the MLG app is successful because MLG communicates with app users on a daily basis, rewarding them for being active on the app. Not only do they promote their app on Facebook, Twitter and the MLG website, they take advantage of the push notification system on the CMS at least once a day, utilizing the targeting and reward options available. With push notifications, MLG can stay connected with their app users in an easy way scheduling push notifications around app-only contests, promotions and news; they give away prizes for users who answer questions through the fanwall, announces exclusive codes and updates, and builds anticipation of upcoming promotions like the Xperia PLAY smartphone giveaway seen below:

“This weekend, I’m giving away 2 Xperia PLAY phones, exclusive to the mobile app users! Want to win? Check the app this weekend!”

Through their app, MLG has brought their enormous network of international gamers closer together. Over 70,000 app users, So remember, apps are a great way to encourage community engagement anytime, anywhere.

Engaging with app users on a daily basis, even if it’s as simple as a push notification, keeps users coming back and potential users to take notice of your brand.

Become a “Roadie” and download the official MLG app: 

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