Weekly Mobile Roundup: Top Headlines and Industry News of the Week

Just some of the happenings of this week:

The Digital 100: The World’s Most Valuable Private Tech Companies 

iPhone App Users Young And Wealthy, Android App Users Skew Older

The Mobile Era Has Arrived

A Look at the Global-Apps Scene and Why You Should Care

The Greatest Business Decisions Of All Time

And finally, this week marks the one-year anniversary of Steve Job’s death. To commemorate his life, Apple created a tribute video which can be seen on Here are our favorite Steve Jobs articles of the week:

Steve Jobs’ 1983 Speech Makes Uncanny Predictions About The Future

Untold Stories About Steve Jobs: Friends and Colleagues Share Their Memories

Steve Jobs Primed Apple to Wow Wall Street 

Small Biz Owner Earns Millions By Adopting Steve Jobs Presentation Style