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Since 2009, Mobile Roadie has been providing SMBs, government organizations, sports teams, conferences, entertainers, creatives and many more with simple, effective, and reliable tools to build and publish engaging mobile apps — without the usual frustrations, or high cost.

Common Pain Points

  • You’re not happy with your current app or provider
  • Other platforms fail to cover your every need
  • You need a powerful yet affordable app
  • You don’t want to hire developers, or a full team

How Mobile Roadie Helps

  • Reliable app builder for fail-safe apps
  • Ready-to-use essential features
  • Cost effective pricing options
  • Customer support from our team

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What’s the cost to build an app with Mobile Roadie?

Mobile Roadie offers you a way to build solid mobile apps at a fraction of the cost as compared to hiring software developers. We have two packages to choose from — Pro and Superior.

"Pro" is a cost-effective option. You get a wide range of tools to build, engage, reward, manage, and interact with your audience, as well as analyze your users. The “Pro” package features include geofenced messages, pop-up promos, polls, in-app ads, and many more.

"Superior" includes everything “Pro” has to offer, but offers you advanced functionality like Augmented Reality and interactive maps. On top of that, the Mobile Roadie team can add custom features and create a premium design that goes beyond the “Pro” functionality to make your app even more memorable. You will also get a dedicated customer support manager and many other features.

Find out about the current prices for both packages by getting in touch with us.

How to create an app for Android with our platform?

You purchase one of the packages, get your credentials, and log in to our platform online to use its tools. First, there’s our drag-and-drop editor that’s as simple to use as an online photo editor. You will use it to build your app by adding different features, from Videos and Podcasts to Gamification and Map. As for design, our platform has pre-made themes, a wide variety of colors, backgrounds, and interior styles, as well as a section where you can choose navigation styles. When you finish building and designing your app, we will submit it to the Google Play store for you. After the release, you can use the same tools to update your native Android app in the same way, on the fly. It’s that easy with our no code app builder.

How to build an iOS app using Mobile Roadie?

You purchase a package that fits your requirements, get the credentials, and access the platform online. The first step is building a structure by adding the features/menu sections you need. Mobile Roadie has everything your users may enjoy, from push notifications and spot-on geofenced messages, to podcasts, music and videos, to a fun chat wall, where all you users can gather and discuss your brand, sharing different content. The platform also has a rich design toolkit/visual app builder. You can choose from a wide variety of pre-made themes, colors, backgrounds, interior and navigation styles to create your native iOS app. When you finish designing and building, let us know — we will publish the app on the App Store for you.

After that, you can update the design and features, with our platform on the fly with the same tools.