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Family Mobile

Build the perfect app for your congregation. Increase current member interaction and find new followers by sharing content and connecting with your community from anywhere.

Connect with Your

Religious Calendar
Help your congregation keep track of key events and remember important religious celebrations throughout the year.
Sharable Content
Share passages, hymns and inspirational quotes across all social media platforms. Share images showcasing the beauty of your place of worship.
Sermon Integration
Livestream your sermons or lectures to those who couldn’t make it and embed recordings for those who wish to revisit it.
Community Message Board
Start conversations within the in-app message board. Maintaining a lively conversation within your religious community is vital.

Build Your Community

Learn More About Your Audience

See what your members are most interested in with detailed analytics of their in-app activities.

Make Announcements

Organize events and programs for worshippers of all ages. Share news and event announcements with push notifications.

Collect Donations

Make giving easy and secure for your congregation.

Find Volunteers

Allow members of your congregation to sign up for charity work and other activities.

Get Inspired

See how other religious organizations have maintained a vibrant community and provided guidance with apps from Mobile Roadie.

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Post updated service times, provide news, and share other information on the fly.

No Headaches

We guide you through the app submission process so you know you’ll meet the requirements.

Start building the mobile application your community of worshipers deserves.

Mobile Roadie keeps the process of building and launching mobile apps as simple as possible, allowing you to focus on cultivating your community.

You Need It?
We Have It

  • Social Network Integration
  • Push Notifications
  • Premium Badges
  • Live­Streams and In­App Video
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Track User Engagement Time
  • iTunes, Spotify, SoundCloud Integration
  • YouTube, Vimeo, uStream, LiveStream Integration
  • RSS Sync

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