Mobile App Design Tools

Pre-made Themes

  • Select from one of our gorgeous pre-made themes to kick off the look and feel of your app, with a layout that suits your amount of navigation buttons.
  • Pro customers get access to even more themes and layouts to make professional, branded apps right out of the box.

Colors, Backgrounds, and Interior Styles

  • Pick from one of our pre-defined sets, or select your own colors to customize individual elements within the app.
  • Upload background images per section or for all sections. You'll need different sized assets for smartphones versus iPad.
  • Select a font for your app: Helvetica, Georgia, American Typewriter, Arial, Courier New, Verdana, and Trebuchet.
  • Upload a custom header bar, or select from our stock images.
iphone app mockup

Home Screen

  • Set a header image for your app that sits on top of every other layer, perfect for your logo. Link it to content or a URL.
  • Users will be able to search your app from an icon in the corner. You can also turn on a quick check-in icon to allow users to easily check in to locations via Foursquare or Facebook.
  • Enable the footer which holds your activity stream ticker and/or music player and select a color.
  • Set a background image that goes underneath home gallery, buttons, and header image.
  • Our iPad product uses scrolling dynamic widgets and a very different layout, so options will vary. Read more below.

Section Navigation Styles

  • Each section in your app is represented by a button on the home screen.
  • You can control the layout of your buttons: position/order within the grid, button background image (choose from stock or upload your own if Pro), text colors, icons (select from stock sets or upload your own per section if Pro), upload a button canvas image for your buttons to sit on.

Mobile Web Options

  • Have your mobile web app mimic the menu from your smartphone app, or use a simpler list for a menu.
  • Upload a header image and link it to the URL of your choice.
  • Select from one of our stock backgrounds or upload your own tiled image.

iPad Options

  • Add a header image to sit on top of all layers on your home screen. Upload your own home screen background or select from our stock backgrounds.
  • Select a theme for your widgets, which will allow some widgets to be dynamic. Or, upload your own background images for each widget.
  • Upload a navigation bar image or select from our stock images.
  • Upload backgrounds on a per section basis.

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