Reward Your Guests
with a
Hotel or Casino App

Build a prize app for your guests. Share news, provide booking information, show off your rooms, and introduce your staff.

Connect With Your

Share Your News
Keep your visitors informed about nearby events and activities in your hotel or casino.
Special Offers
Use push notifications and location-based notifications to inform your guests of exclusive offers.
Floor Plan
Help your visitors find conference rooms, the fitness center, and more with a detailed floor plan within your app.
Social Integration
Make it that much easier for your visitors to let everyone know they’ve just won the jackpot with seamless social integration.

Get to Know
Your Visitors

See Who’s Coming Back

Use in-app check-ins to see who enjoyed their experience and decided to visit again!

Advanced Analytics

See where your visitors are from and discover what they are interested in with in-app usage stats.

Instant Feedback

Get instant feedback from your visitors and guests with the in-app message board.

Introduce Your Staff

Build a connection with your guests by introducing them to your staff.

Get Inspired

See how hundreds of businesses, organizations, and communities have built engaging apps with Mobile Roadie.

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Start Today!

You need to make an app, we give you what you need to make it happen.

Easy to Build

Build your perfect mobile application for iOS and Android, or let us help you!

Always Up-to-date

Give booking information, provide news, and share other information on the fly.

No Headaches

We guide you through the app submission process so you know you’ll meet the requirements.

Create an app today
that will bring you closer
to your guests tomorrow.

Mobile Roadie keeps the process of building and launching mobile apps as simple as possible, allowing you to focus on building a lasting relationship with your guests.

We Have Everything
You Need

  • Social Network Integration
  • Push Notifications
  • Premium Badges
  • Live­Streams and In­App Video
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Track User Engagement Time
  • iTunes, Spotify, SoundCloud Integration
  • YouTube, Vimeo, uStream, LiveStream Integration
  • RSS Sync

Start Now!

Begin building the perfect mobile application
for your guests with Mobile Roadie.


Do you also have these queries?

Is it difficult to build casino app?

No, it isn’t. Using Mobile Roadie to build your own casino app is simple. The website works like any other photo or video online editors, so it doesn’t mean that you have to know how to code an app. Mobile Roadie offers you to make casino app and choose all the fundamental elements for your application by dragging and dropping them. Once you’re done, our team will combine all the features you’ve chosen. Mobile Roadie makes sure that the program suits your business and builds all the items into one program that runs smoothly.

What features are offered by casino app builder?

How to create a casino app that will be useful for your visitors? Use Mobile Roadie platform. Build casino app that can be useful and easy to navigate for your guests. You can add all the needed details to make your application convenient for the visitors. The apps can be powered with:

  • social network integration;
  • push notifications;
  • news feed;
  • LiveStreams and InApp video;
  • SoundCloud, iTunes integration, etc.

Your guests will even have a chance to share the news that they have won a jackpot at your place. Isn’t it great? All their friends will know about it and will check the information about your place.

In addition to this, with our apps you can track guests who are coming to visit your place again. You can check where do they come from, what they like and get a feedback. All these aspects will help you not only satisfy your visitors, but also will provide you with analytic stats, that are necessary to run a profitable business. Mobile Roadie is the answer to How to make a casino app extremely useful.

Why to use Mobile Roadie app hotel builder?

App hotel maker by Mobile Roadie is packed with all the details that can be useful for your guests. You can introduce your stuff through the app, provide a detailed building plan, booking information, as well as the info about nearby events, special offers, etc. For instance, if you have regular visitors they can always check available rooms directly through your app. People don’t want to wait or look for information on the websites, which can be quite time consuming. The app creator for hotels is easy to use and our team will guide you through all the steps. Apart from that, the apps are user-friendly, so your visitors will definitely enjoy using them.

How Mobile Roadie app hotel maker is better than others?

Mobile Roadie is an expert in mobile application development. We know what an app needs and our platform is simple to use. You can find here all the essential features to make an application for a hotel or create your own casino app by using available tools. Our team provides clients with all the important information and guidelines. The company aims to simplify the process of application development, so you can launch your program in a day thanks to high-quality characteristics of our platform. Boost your business with high-quality apps that can bring you even bigger revenue.

How much does it cost to make a casino app?

Mobile Roadie offers it clients services for reasonable prices to create casino app. In order to use the platform you have to register on the website and provide information of your credit card. The price for one month is $$$ and if you subscribe for the one year its $$$. We often provide free services and features but you have to be our client to use them. Also, we offer trial periods. We don’t provide refunds for partial subscriptions or for the unused months of your account. In case of some issues, please contact our support team. Mobile Roadie provides unique services and tools to make casino app and the one for hotels that are both powerful and simple.

Can I build both Android and iPhone apps for hotel?

Yes, you can. Mobile Roadie is a perfect platform to build hotel apps for Android devices as well as hotel apps for iPhone. The platform has everything to build apps for iOS and Android devices. So, your application can be used by a greater number of people thus bringing more visitors to your place. The apps are built to be easily integrated into different operating systems. You can drop and drag all the required components and our team will take care of proper launch on the store, doesn’t matter whether it is Apple Store or Google Play. Your program will work perfectly on both of them. Mobile Roadie has a vast experience in building applications. Check out our portfolio to see what do we offer and learn more about clients we work with. Our team has an experience of over 10 year and we know how to make an application suitable for all kinds of devices. We have all the necessary tools to make an integration quickly and professionally.