The Preeminent Caribbean Cultural Festival Pumps Up its Experience With a Mobile App

A prominent Carribean culture festival gets an essential mobile app.

For the first time in its forty-six-year history, The Caribbean Festival of Arts (CARIFESTA) was accompanied by a mobile app, created with the help of Mobile Roadie. The famous regional festival took place on 16-25 of August in Trinidad and Tobago, whose rich culture gave birth to the limbo dance and numerous unique music styles. 

Hailed as “the inspirational exchange of creative flows,” CARIFESTA gathers creatives from music, dance, drama, painting, sculpture, folk art, photography, and literature from over thirty Caribbean and South American countries. The festival aims to reinforce and develop the Caribbean cultural heritage and strengthen the bond between the Caribbean countries.

With a custom design that reflects this year’s visual aesthetic, the CARIFESTA app has proved to be the ultimate mobile companion to the already rich festival experience. 

The app’s features include:

  • Event calendar
  • Radio/podcast
  • Buzz (a section combining a group wall chat, map, and photos)
  • Videos
  • News 
  • Top users (users accrue points by doing various things in the app)

Rounding out the features are essentials like notifications, social media integration, mailing list, favorites, as well as sections with handy information about the festival. The app proved to be popular among attendees, with the top user scoring a whopping 10,270 points while using the app. 

Having powered events like TED, Aspen Ideas, and We Love Green, the Mobile Roadie platform is tailor-made for building essential event apps. If you need an app, learn more about the features of Mobile Roadie.

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