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Mobile Roadie users accrue over millions of points in app engagement
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The most valuable feature of Mobile Roadie apps is the ability to engage fans. To keep users coming back daily, one popular way is to enable the Top Users section in your app, which recognizes the biggest fans. Users can earn points by being active in the app to claim a spot in the Top Users chart.

Users can earn points for a whole slew of actions including launching the app (1pt), posting a comment (10pt), posting a comment with a photo (12 pt), subscribe to the mailing list (10 pt), adding an item to “Favorites” (2pt), watching a video (3pts), listening to a track (2pts), and sharing to Facebook and Twitter (2pts).

The biggest Top User among all our apps comes from the Taylor Swift app. This user has accrued over 1 million points, followed closely behind by other dedicated Swifties. The Top 5 Users in the Taylor Swift app have accured over 4.8 million points combined, the most out of the other apps.

The second largest Top 5 Users group, in terms of points, is from the JLS app. The top JLS fan has earned over 940,000 points; the Top 5 users have accrued over 2.7 million points.

Katy Perry’s fans have earned more than 2.5 million points. The top “Katycat” has earned over 1 million points.


Besides subscribing to the mailing list, the other actions to earn points are repeatable.

Every time a user launches your app, they earn a point. So you want to find ways to keep users coming back often.

Every time a user posts a comment, they earn 10 points. So keep the conversation flowing by posting questions or viral content on the wall. One idea to promote comments with picture uploads (the highest point earner) is to throw a contest involving the Fan Wall.

Be consistent in uploading new content such as videos and exclusive tracks to attract views, which also earn users points. Content should be viral-worthy so users will share to Facebook and Twitter, which earn them points as well.

Wrapping Up 

By following these tips, activity in your app is bound to increase. And don’t forget to recognize those active users for their hard work. Mobile Roadie keeps track of your top users in the CMS. You can also enable the Top Users section to be viewable by all app users. Don’t be afraid to reward them for their efforts.

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