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Taylor Swift’s Official App, Continuing to Sweep the Charts
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Taylor Swift’s mobile app, powered by Mobile Roadie, shows no signs of slowing down. Although the app has only been available in Google’s Android Market and Apple’s App Store for more than a year, Taylor Swift fans continue to engage with the app in record numbers.

To date, Taylor Swift’s app has over 901,000 downloads, her songs have been played over 31 million times, and her videos have amassed over 4 million views. And while fans browse photos, watch videos, listen to music, and read news on her app, the most popular section is the Fan Wall, which has garnered over 30 million views by Swifties from all over the world, sharing their excitement for Taylor Swift with other fans.

To put these figures into perspective, this time last year, the Taylor Swift app had close to half a million downloads, 1 million video views, 12.6 million song plays, and over 8,500 comments. Overall downloads are up 80%, while daily downloads are up 300% from 1,000 to 4,000 since last year. Photo and video views both have increased over 300% from last year. And not surprisngly, the number of comments has experienced the largest growth, jumping an incredible 352,000% from 8,500 to over 30 million comments total in a course of a year- undeniable evidence that apps have the power to engage and bring together millions of users from all over the world.

Below is a screenshot of the Top 5 users of the app:

And as fans scroll through the app, they can take full advantage of the music section, listening to their favorite Taylor Swift songs. “Mine” continues to rock her app’s music chart, remaining the most played and paid-for song in the music section with over 2.9 million plays, an increase of 970% from 270,000 plays, and 9,100 paid downloads, a 355% increase from 2010. Following close behind though is “Jump Then Fall” which has over 8,000 paid downloads. In total, over 89,000 track sales have been made- reaffirming the fact that mobile apps are a good investment both in measurable and immeasurable figures. And as consumers shift toward mobile, it’s only a matter of time before it becomes more obvious the power of mobile apps as a sales tool.

But to convert clicks to sales, users must stay engaged with the app. Push notifications are one way to interact with users. Taylor Swift’s team continues to use push notifications to alert fans worldwide of exclusive announcements; Swifties who use her app are the first ones to hear about a new video or single release, and be informed of upcoming TV appearances. Her team also continues to take advantage of geo-targeting to push out notifications to concert goers right before an event.

While Taylor Swift is an international superstar with an enormous worldwide following, there is no doubt that any artist or brand who takes advantage of all of the features our platform has to offer can maximize interaction with their fans and keep them engaged, resulting in a larger fanbase and increased revenue.

Become a “Roadie” and download the official Taylor Swift app:

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