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Say “Cheers”- PhotoCards are picture perfect for app users & your brand!
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PhotoCards are a new feature that can’t be missed. They’re already one of the most popular sections in the apps of the early adopters, including Red Hot Chili Peppers, STAPLES Center, and Dallas Mavericks.

With 73% of mobile users using their phones to take pictures and 54% of users sending photos and videos to their friends, mobile phones are becoming the new camera. The percentage of photos taken with a smartphone rose from 17% to 27%, as the percentage of photos taken with a camera dropped from 52% to 44% between 2010 to 2011.

To take advantage of this burgeoning opportunity, we created PhotoCards. Customers are now able to add PhotoCards to their app, which allow fans to choose frames to take pictures directly in the app and then save and share with their friends via social networks. Brands can choose from default frames or they can upload their own custom frames.

Response has been overwhelming. With custom-designed photocards, brands are able to another element of fun for users while increasing brand awareness and “shareability”.

The Dallas Mavericks created 9 custom photocard frames for their app: More than 300 PhotoCards have been uploaded in the gallery; STAPLES Center created 5 custom photocard frames, garnering more than 100 photos in the gallery; and RHCP created 5 custom photocard frames: More than 450 PhotoCards have been uploaded in the gallery in less than two weeks of being live. Hot Chelle Rae and the Redskins have also joined the PhotoCards phenomenon.

We predict PhotoCards will be one of the most popular features in Mobile Roadie Pro apps. It’s easy to implement, fun for all to use, and increases app activity noticeably. If you aren’t convinced yet, try photocards out for yourselves in any of the following apps:

Red Hot Chili Peppers
Dallas Mavericks
Staples Center
Hot Chelle Rae

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